“First Impression is the last Impression.” Inspired by this principle rule of the interior design industry, Aroma, a national leader in the furniture market, started this state-or-art facility for manufacturing of decorative High pressure Laminates. Decorative Laminate are used to customize and beautify the surface of plywood and other base materials so as to suite the aesthetics and interiors of any given space.

We have also incorporated a 7 -Point Quality control system to ensure that every single one at our laminate sheet goes through seven different quality control checkpoints during Its production period. Our consistent and strategic Quality control system, all the way from raw material input level to finished goods level has accredited us with ISI 2046 : 1995 certification. Our modern and E-governed management protocols has accredited us with the prestigious ISO 9001 : 2008 certifications. Our ability to minimize harmful effects on the environment and to achieve continual Improvement of our environment performance has enabled us to get certified with ISO 14001 : 2004. Moreover. Laminates produced in our facility also meet the British European Standard US EN 438 and the American NEMA LD3 standard.

Our facility has a state-of-art chemical plant, which manufactures resins in the production of laminates. Having a modern plant allows our R&D Team to experiment with innovative materials to produce quality resins that will that will stand the test of time.

New Introduction:

This season our Aroma range has been upgraded by adding 4 new textures.

The newly introduced texture are.